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Artemis Watch: The Leap of Faith Purchase

Artemis was actually a kickstarter project where the watch viewed was actually a prototype. Therefore, I actually tested my luck in purchasing a watch without knowing and even testing the watch. It was something I wouldn’t do (I am not an impulsive-type) but there were many factors that encourage me to take the leap of faith in this acquisition.

This was actually my second purchase and, after owning the Railmaster, I wanted to have something dressier and have more functions. There were many types of functions/features a watch could have like the chronograph, tachymeter, GMT and etc and I decided to have a triple date features as these features are the most useful to me compared to all the other functions/features.

So, as I was browsing through all the websites to hunt for my next watch, this watch really caught my attention (although my partner; Mr. Casey do not find it appealing at all) because that watch meet most of my requirement for a second watch i.e. a day-date-month (triple date) features. In addition to that it, it has a nice clean minimalist white dial with blue Breguet-style hands and Moonphase feature, which make the watch looks very dress. It is a quartz watch where I do not have to go through the hassle of systematically rotate my watch since, at that moment, I do not have a watch winder. Below photo is the actual watch before the dial customization:

However, all the mentioned features were actually not the winning factors for me to pull the trigger to purchase the watch as there are still many options out in the market. It was actually the fact that the creator of this kickstarter project specialize in dial customization and they allow me to customize the dial to my design, which leads me to acquire the watch without even further research for other options.

I manage to design the watch to be very personalize to me as it has my customize emblem at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 position. With its clean white dial inside a 40mm case with an almost unnoticeable thin bezel and superdome glass, the customize dial does not seem to be too busy. Also, the watch looks slightly bigger due to its thin bezel and small lugs. The black strap over its white dial brings out the dressiness of the watch.

In summary, this watch really serves itself as a dress watch for me (since it has a white dial and a black leather strap) and sometimes can be used as an everyday watch due to its useful features: triple date. I do not have to take out my smartphone to check the day or date whenever I wear this watch.

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